Book Spine Adhesive Glue

Book Spine Adhesive Glue

Product name: Book Spine Adhesive glue

Model: 1300

Mucilage properties:

Appearance - white, almost odorless

Viscosity - 6000 to 14000 centipoise

pH - 4 to 6

Shelf life - 12 months

Thinner - water

Dry film properties:

Appearance - white, transparent

Softness - high

Residual Odor - None

Use: Spine Adhesive 1300 is an environmental-friendly water-soluble adhesive that complies with international environmental protection standards and does not contain toxic substances or substances that harm the ozone layer. It is especially suitable for the spine of hardcover books, wired and wireless binding glue. Strong adhesion.

Application: This product is suitable for manual and mechanized construction, sticky notes or books should be pressed tightly first.

Note: 1300 cannot be mixed with other glues. Stir the colloid evenly before use, and the tools used to apply the glue (sweep, brush, scraper, etc.) should be soaked in water as soon as possible. This product should be stored in a covered plastic container.




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