UV Carton Adhesive Glue

Paste glue on the side of uv color printing carton

Item: Paste glue on the side of uv color printing carton

Model: UV61

Mucilage properties:

Appearance - milky white water-based liquid

  Viscosity - 8,000 to 12,000 centipoise (22°C)

  Solid content——50±1%

  PH value - 6-7


1. High transparency, high softness, fast drying and strong adhesive force.

2. It has good weather resistance and will not crack under a certain low or high temperature environment.

3. Easy to paint and clean.

Features and uses: UV61 Adhesive Glue is suitable for professional pasting of UV oil printed surface/paper. After the paper product is bonded and dried, it can be stored between high temperature 45℃~60℃ and low temperature -15℃~-20℃, without automatic cracking.

How to use: UV61 adhesive gule can be used for manual brushing, and can also be used on the machine. The general drying time is more than 8 hours. The exposure time of this product after coating is less than 1 minute. Suitable for manual and mechanized construction. After gluing the material (keep the glue in a wet state), it should be properly pressed (generally 30-60 minutes) and then dried naturally. The longer the time, the better the sticking effect.


1. There should be no UV oil on the printed surface of the pasted UV oil.

2. It should be stored at a room temperature of 5-30°C, protected from sun, frost, and sealed, and the preservation period is 6 months.

3. Do not mix with other glues. Stir the colloid evenly before use, and the tools used to apply the glue (sweep, brush, scraper, etc.) should be soaked in water as soon as possible. This product should be stored in a covered plastic container. Slight stratification will occur after long-term static storage, which is a normal phenomenon.

Packing specification: plastic drum (lined with plastic bag), specification: 50 kg/drum, 200 kg/drum.




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