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Armonia Adhesive Glue 801

Eco-friendly Armonia Shoebox Adhesive glue 801

Armonia glue glue 801 is non-toxic and has strong film forming properties. It is suitable for manual construction of shoeboxes, cartons, and red see seals (water-free automatic sealing). This product dries quickly. When using it, glue should be applied on both sides. The adhesive film should be thin. After drying, the two sides can be bonded to produce adhesive effect.

Note: Due to the characteristics of pH, shoebox glue 801 cannot be mixed with water or mixed with other glues. Stir the colloid evenly before use, and the tools used to apply the colloid (brush, scraper, etc.) should be soaked in water as soon as possible. After long-term storage, the color will become darker, and gelatinous solids may be produced, so it should be stored in a plastic container with a cover.

Packing specification: Blue plastic drum, specification: 50 kg/drum, 200 kg/drum.




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