Remoistenable Envelope Glue

Remoistenable Envelope Glue

Lick & Stick Remoistenable Envelope glue 9610

Lick & Stick Remoistenable Stamp glue 9610

Lick & Stick Remoistenable glue Adhesive 9610

Application: Remoistenable glue 9610 is a special adhesive specially used for paper products such as stamps, envelope seals, wet water-based paper bags, paper boxes, and book bag backs. Non-toxic, no irritating smell. This product is applied on the surface of the paper, and quickly forms a film after the paper is dried and absorbed, and the glued part is wetted with water again to act as an adhesive.

Operation and application: After the product is glued, it can be dried naturally, air-dried or heat-dried, and is suitable for manual and mechanized construction. Wet water is sticky when sealed.

Note: Remoistenable glue 9610 cannot be mixed with other glues. Stir the colloid evenly before use, and the tools used to apply the colloid (brush, brush, scraper, etc.) should be soaked in water as soon as possible. This product should be stored in a covered plastic container to prevent surface drying and contamination.

Packing specification: Blue plastic drum, specification: 50 kg/drum, 200 kg/drum.




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